As our mission statement proposes, AWC is committed to one clear mission: to respond to changing market conditions and consumer needs. Our firm is organized to encourage creativity while combining a variation of talents and ideas to deliver quality at all levels. We put our energy into providing the highest standard of design, construction and consumer service.


At AWC every individual acknowledges the importance of quality work. Our team focuses on performing tasks correctly and in the right manner regardless the time it takes at all stages of the design and build process. From the foundation to the finish woodworking, from using time-honored techniques to the latest innovative technologies, our skilled craftsmen produce coveted construction that will last for generations.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or not, quality must always meet or surpass project requirements. One of the most important factors to reach this goal is to maintain communication with all trade-contractors pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction processes. We strictly demand our subcontractors to match certain qualifications and certifications. Therefore we can’t be certain that every subcontractor can meet those standards.We are always willing to see the work of subcontractors referenced to us, and then we can make a fair choice to create our team with the aid of our experience in the industry.In certain circumstances, people with specific skills might be required so we choose the best possible option to suit our needs. Keeping that in mind, we can clearly meet both our expectations and the client’s expectations.


Regarding our procurement services, we carefully select our local and global suppliers through our network. As we have specific standards to offer to our clients, we require the same standards offered to us from our suppliers. Therefore, the vendors in the regions we mostly concentrate go through a strict elimination process with the aid of our advisors and specialists. If the vendors on our list cannot offer the products or services you need, we will find a source from our network of specialty providers.