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    Initial Consultation

    In your first meeting with AWC, your design ideas and budget considerations will be discussed. We will examine all your thoughts related to the design of your house and your anticipation. We will share with you examples of projects we’ve already completed.
  • 2
    Site Analysis

    A site visit will be made to your property preferably with you, and we will conduct an analysis. Site conditions will be taken into consideration and we will provide you with a report.
  • 3

    The construction contract basically tells you what we will build in what timeframe and it is finalized once the architect is done with the plans.
  • 4

    In the pre-construction phase, we handle the mechanical and permitting requirements to be able to start working in the lot.
  • 5

    It is essential to meet the deadlines to avoid delays in the construction timeline. We will provide you a list of qualified vendors and we can offer procurement services to ease your burden.
  • 6

    This is the stage where design turns into reality. We encourage our clients to follow the construction process. Although we take major steps to clarify everything in written plans and documents, communication is smoother if we keep in close contact throughout the construction.

Global Procurement Services

With the established global coalitions and networks, AWCcan source anything our clients need in any place from highlyreliable sources. Our goal is to succeed the ideal purchase with our partnerships; which is targeting value, quality of product, and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money.

We provide enhanced support for practically all project requirements to our procurement clients. These include lower cost of labor, material delivery and a focused, low-risk acquisition process and systems.

Our efficient operating model has the base to be implemented to variable conditions in project size and workload to provide cost savings to our clients. You can depend onAWC to continuously improve procurement quality in order to followcompetitive performance standards.

Procurement Management

AWCdelivers innovative contract management and control process solutions necessary to manage purchase orders and subcontracts. Our procurement team has the leadership skills and experience to developrecognized supply chain solutions.We make sure that our clients receive what is promised in a timely, professional approach.

We examineexpensesboth by product and by vendor to obtain a detailed understanding of our customer’s operations and method of purchasing. Our team can manage the procurement of large or small projects, maintaining stabilityduring the entire logistics, delivery and installation process.

Procurement Items

Roofing Materials
Flooring Materials

Stair Systems
Custom Fireplace
Natural Stone Veneer
Architectural Stone Veneer

Scaffolding Systems
and many more…

Controlling Risk with the Right Approach

It is one of the fundamentals to control risk for the success of any construction project, and a vital part of the construction risk matrix is the procurement of products and materials. New risks can emerge that require unique skills and knowledge to effectively manage as procurement approaches are advanced further.

AWC has embraced an integrated approach to managing risk in the global procurement program. With our developed risk identification procedures, we aid our clients in determining whether their projects are suitable for global procurement. We also adopt risk mitigation strategies to manage the procurement activities we carry out.

Reducing the Costs

Global supply markets keep progressing at an exceptional pace. The most reasonablesources abroad for many construction products are now located in China, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe.Typically these sources deliver top quality products at a significantly lower cost than the North American counterparts. These newer markets supplement our database of traditional supply markets that AWC has already established networks with. We and our clients will always benefit from a truly global marketplace, as new suppliers continue to emerge constantly.

Expanding the Choice Range

As we improve our worldwide supply reach, we’ll continue to offer an increasing portfolio of vendors and products. We are in the process of expanding our knowledge of supply opportunities beyond architectural products.Our database will soon include fixtures, high end structural materials, and fabricated specialty items that meet our project requirements. With the opportunities of each procurement assignment, we seek and discover new applications where AWC’s offshore procurement experience can value our projects.

The range of products that you can choose from has now become almost limitless as we continue to add offshore suppliers to our database. Products which were considered rare and exotic for North American applications are now much more accessible and affordable with procurement opportunities.

AWC’s Global Procurement Structure

Lately, there has been a significant increase in customer demand for global. Therefore we have established innovative systems and tools, and have structured our organization to manage with this challenge.

AWC’s global procurement expertsapply these tools and systems to assist our projects during their overseas sourcing activities, finding and qualifying vendors, and adding up to our experience and knowledge.

Our experts additionally support our global procurement capabilities by organizing the efforts of a select group of advisors who are directly in contact with vendors. Advisors work closely withAWC’s project management staff and the global procurement specialist to assist AWC in offshore vendor management, inspection, logistics, and other activities crucial to guaranteeing a positive global procurement operation.

In overall, AWC can drastically increase your cost savings and eliminate the risks in global supply thanks to our procurement specialists, professional advisors, and advanced procurement management systems and procedures.