Mission Statement

AWC was founded with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a diverse foundation. The company offers a multitude of facets composed of architecture, construction and engineering services.

Our staff composed of design and planning professionals is focused on creating a vision, instilling creativity, delivering with outstanding communication and an overall excellence.

AWC is committed to one clear mission: to respond to changing market conditions and consumer needs. Our firm is organized to encourage creativity while combining a variation of talents and ideas to deliver quality at all levels. We put our energy into providing the highest standard of design, construction and consumer service.

When we initiate a new project, we know it is a new challenge that puts our mission statement and company values on test. There are three simple principles that lay out our mission:

  • Offering the highest level of construction services at a reasonable price.
  • Providing client satisfaction in all areas including attention to detail, being on schedule and a “client is priority” approach, thus ensuring the success of our company through repeat and referred business.
  • Establishing and keeping the utmost levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our vendors, associates, subcontractors, and our clients.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or not, quality must always meet or surpass project requirements. One of the most important factors to reach this goal is to maintain communication with all trade-contractors pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction processes. Keeping that in mind, we can clearly meet both our expectations and the client’s expectations.

We eagerly look forward to knowing about you and your needs in order to share our experience and present the best possible solutions for your case.

Why We Are Different

AWC strives to enhance the value of our customers by ensuring the latest technology and a unique quality of workmanship. To guarantee the best solutions, our design team works closely with our builders and engineers.

Offering the advantage of full services under one roof allows our clients to save from time, costs and effort. We can take care of every single step of your project from the moment you start planning it in your mind to the completion. Carrying the title of “one stop shop” is one of the significant factors that make us distinctive in our industry.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and team work culture ensure innovative and cost effective solutions. At every stage of the building process, from planning and design to post construction, we keep in mind the practical priorities of our end user.

Material and product selection is important to us. We strive to select the best possible material for every situation, in every project. We have a large range of materials dedicated to our projects and take care in making sure they are the best selection for our end user. We are able to provide you procurement solutions with our relationship and network among qualified vendors in select regions around the world.

Our Success

Providing innovative design concepts and solutions, uniquely suited to each design, with emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Monitoring costs and production closely so projects remain within budget and on schedule.

Incorporating efficient software programs such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) for 3D modeling, presentation, production, specifications, and project management.

Working effectively with sub-contractors to achieve the maximum value and thefinest results.


The vision of AWC is to make a significant difference and impact on every project we are involved in.Hiring the best with the most potential in our industry and giving them responsibilities to develop innovative ideas is one of the ways to fulfill our vision.

In the constantly changing construction industry, we keep up with the pace to meet our clients’ expectations and to provide them full service in the convenience of “one stop shop”. Therefore we continuously seek new developments that we can benefit from to keep our company promises of safety, sustainability, technology and procurement.