Mission Statement

AWC was founded with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a diverse foundation. The company offers a multitude of facets composed of architecture, construction and engineering services.

Our staff composed of design and planning professionals is focused on creating a vision, instilling creativity, delivering with outstanding communication and an overall excellence.

AWC is committed to one clear mission: to respond to changing market conditions and consumer needs. Our firm is organized to encourage creativity while combining a variation of talents and ideas to deliver quality at all levels. We put our energy into providing the highest standard of design, construction and consumer service

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project's work stages

  • 1
    Initial Consultation

    In your first meeting with AWC, your design ideas and budget considerations will be discussed. We will examine all your thoughts related to the design of your house and your anticipation.We will share with you examples of projects we’ve already completed.
  • 2
    Site Analysis & Initial Design

    Our architect will make a site visit to your property preferably with you, and conduct an analysis. Then comes the initial design step in which sketch design drawings are produced and presented to you prior to developing the design.
  • 3
    Design Development

    In this phase your sketch design drawings are developed into a house. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can discuss further changes with your architect. Once you confirm the design, the drawings will be developed to working drawings
  • 4
    Contract & Pre-Construction

    The construction contract basically tells you what we will build in what timeframe and it is finalized once the architect is done with the plans. Then we advance to the pre-construction phase wherewe handle the mechanical and permitting requirements to be able to start working in the lot.
  • 5
    Selections & Procurement

    This stage of your project is the one that lets you put your personal signature in your dream home.You will face an almost unlimited array of choices for the features and details. We will provide you a list of qualified vendors and we can offer procurement services to ease your burden.
  • 6

    This is the stage where design turns into reality. We encourage our clients to follow the construction process. Although we take major steps to clarify everything in written plans and documents, communication is smoother if we keep in close contact throughout the construction.